Diamonds are our specialty. Members of our staff travel to Europe to purchase diamonds directly from the cutters.

ICE ON FIRE diamonds are a unique branded diamond exclusive to Boyer's.

An ICE ON FIRE diamond is a diamond that meets a number of guidelines.



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True Romance


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Think Boyer's When You Think Diamonds!

loose diamondsOur owner, David Cohen travels regularly to Israel to purchase our loose diamonds directly from the cutters.  Not only are the diamonds he chooses exquisite in cut and quality, but the prices are phenomenal since we are buying directly from the cutter and not from a middle man.   David literally pours over thousands of loose diamonds to choose the best in cut, quality and brilliance for our inventory.  Diamonds are one of nature's miracles, (“wearable art”).  You have to see them to believe it! All diamonds are subject to availability. Please call with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

We use every precaution to be certain all of our diamonds are conflict free.


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