Diamonds are our specialty. Members of our staff travel to Europe to purchase diamonds directly from the cutters.

ICE ON FIRE diamonds are a unique branded diamond exclusive to Boyer's.

An ICE ON FIRE diamond is a diamond that meets a number of guidelines.



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Ice on Fire Diamonds

ICE on FIREICE ON FIRE is Boyer's uniquely branded diamond.  Our diamonds are cut to spectacular dimensions by master diamond cutters, assuring you the maximum brilliance.  Each of these hand-chosen diamonds are selected only after viewing the best of the best.  They are clear as ICE and full of FIRE.

Because they are cut to such finite specifications, each ICE ON FIRE diamond is much more brilliant than other diamonds.  One benefit of the cut precision is that the diamond will appear whiter and larger than it truly is.  With all the facets being cut so precisely, and ICE ON FIRE diamond will reflect maximum light and fire so that it dances with the one wearing it!

While there are a number of "branded" diamonds by various jewelry stores today, Boyer's ICE ON FIRE diamonds must meet the following guidelines:

  • Symmetry "Very Good" or better
  • Polish "Very Good" or higher
  • Clarity of "SI 1" or better
  • Color of "H" or higher
  • Certified by a major certification firm.

Furthermore, the certification number is laser inscribed on the girdle of each ICE ON FIRE diamond, insuring you will always be able to identify your diamond.  If you desire, we will inscribe, at no additional charge, almost anything else desired on your diamond, i.e., a statement of your love, initials, dates, etc.

We recognize that diamonds are an important purchase and an important investment.  Because we brand our own diamonds that we choose directly from the cutter, our ICE ON FIRE diamonds are generally available for 35-40% less than other brands of identical quality. 

See an exclusive ICE ON FIRE diamond only at Boyer's today!