Diamonds are our specialty. Members of our staff travel to Europe to purchase diamonds directly from the cutters.

ICE ON FIRE diamonds are a unique branded diamond exclusive to Boyer's.

An ICE ON FIRE diamond is a diamond that meets a number of guidelines.



I. Reiss


Debbie Brooks

Elma Gill

Frederic Duclos

Le Vian Chocolatier


True Romance


Diana Classics

Gottlieb & Sons

Citizen Watches


Shopping for Diamonds

View Our Inventory

While you may view our deep inventory of diamonds on our website, we do not sell our diamonds over the Internet.  Since every diamond is unique and beautiful in its own right, we believe you can only truly know the beauty by seeing the diamond in person.  As you look through our vast inventory here, and would like to see any of these diamonds, please call and speak with a sales associate to set an appointment with your diamond!

Shop Our Loose Diamonds

Boyer's maintains an inventory of thousands of loose diamonds.  We specialize in 0.25ct to 5.00ct with larger diamonds typically available.  Our inventory consists of a variety of shapes as well as color and clarity.  Most of our diamonds are certified by a major certification firm, such as GIA, EGL or AGS.

Please call us regarding any diamond you see or don't see on our website.  We will be happy to show you any diamond in our showroom and meet all of your desires in your investment purchase. Please call for an appointment.